A note from your uncle in Seattle

Dear Melody River Guerieri,

I know that it will be a year or so before I meet you and there is a solid chance that you’ll never read this.  I want you to know that you are entering the world in one of the most amazing times ever.  Not because of the president or the state of the economy or the brand new Kroger in Hernando, MS (although I heard that its pretty sweet).

You have been born into a family that I have had the honor of seeing grow and flourish.  You have a mom who has been by your dad’s side through some really crazy times.

Your dad is so dedicated to taking care of your family that he would do whatever it takes to provide for you and your sisters’ health, wellfair and safety.  Your mom and dad have loved each other for a long time.  The home you are going to grow up in will allow you to become whoever it is you want to be.  You might not know this but your mom and dad are very talented artists.  Both of them are incredibly strong and intelligent.  They aren’t perfect.  They are going to mess up.  Probably a lot, but through all of it, I know that they love you, and they are trying to do their best to not totally screw you up.

I think most importantly, and what I am the most excited about, is all of the fun you are going to have.  I know you just met them, but let me tell you… your sisters are hilarious.

Lilly Grace is as sassy as your mom and Harper is as goofy as your dad.  I cannot wait to hear about all of the shenanigans that you 3 will be getting into.  There is a piece of me that feels sorry for your mom and dad because I know there is going to be broken bones, hurt feelings, unexpected haircuts, crayons on walls, and all other manner of childhood tomfoolery.

I think about the squad of teens that are going to be running around north MS in 13 years and I cant help but picture me and your dad when we snuck out of our houses to skateboard around our neighborhood.  I think about the countless number of shows that we went to in what is now your dad’s print shop.

Melody, I cant imagine the technology that will be invented in your lifetime.  I mean if you had told me 15 years ago that I could text a pizza emoji to Domino’s and have a pizza delivered to my house I would have never believed you.  You were born on International Women’s Day.  You are here on earth and in America during a time where the rights of women, immigrants, and minorities are at the forefront of every other news story.  Those rights are in danger, and hopefully the champions for these people groups will stay passionate and stay loud.  Society is moving forward no matter how hard those who oppose want to pull it back.  You have a better chance of getting equal pay, equal opportunity.  You are the coolest thing that happened today.  I am on the other side of the country on a  cold dreary Seattle day and yet I am so warm and happy today because you were born.  I’m not the only one.  Your parents have a crew of friends that are all kinds of awesome.  We are all happy that you are joining this family, and can’t wait to see you grow.

I cannot wait to meet you.  Happy Birthday.

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