My story so far…

Goodbye 31!

It's my birthday today!! Thought I'd take this opportunity to do an overview of the last year. I feel like after 25, the only birthdays that really matter are the whole decade ones. That being said, 31 was a good year for me. BIGFOOT! some people say it's all rigged, but he killed it that … Continue reading Goodbye 31!

PROGRESS UPDATE and other ramblings

Hello beautiful people. Most of my posts so far have been based around why I'm doing what I'm doing or what I'm starting to do. I thought I would give everyone an update in regards to what progress I've made LOSING WEIGHT: -I'm down 13 lbs since starting this journey. I joined Planet Fitness gym … Continue reading PROGRESS UPDATE and other ramblings

This post will be a snoozer

Hello beautiful people. Today I want to talk about sleep. This isn't a topic that I've ever written about at length, and recently I've come to a new understand of our need for sleep. I thought this would be a great topic for today since we all lost an hour of sleep this past weekend. … Continue reading This post will be a snoozer

Where I was: Weight loss edition

I thought I'd do another post about why exactly I am motivated to get healthy. For those that haven't known me that long, I wanted to give you some background in regards to my struggle with weight and body image. So let's go back and take a look.  I'm going to be making fun of … Continue reading Where I was: Weight loss edition

Productivity is not a 4 letter word

Hello beautiful people! Today let's get shit done! Check off that to-do list! Make progress on that project or paper that's due, get ahead, catch up, or maybe a bit of both. I'd be willing to bet that all of us could use a little (or a lot) more productivity in our lives. We all … Continue reading Productivity is not a 4 letter word

timing and failure.

I had a moment last week that I think many of us have had. It was when you've heard a message plenty of times and in various ways, and finally the message has the right timing in your life. Maybe it hits you like a ton of bricks or turns on a light bulb or … Continue reading timing and failure.

Socrates was onto something

Gotta love a good SCSA/Philosophy Meme Socrates wasn't the first to say, "know thyself" or to expand on the idea of self knowledge. However he did say "the unexamined life is not worth living" in Plato's Apology. This really resonates with me and where I find myself today. Don't worry, I won't be diving deep … Continue reading Socrates was onto something


I never thought I'd change my mind on this issue; yet here we are. When I opened up to the future and committed to becoming the best version of myself, I started to re-evaluate some things about myself that have become integral parts of my story so far. It's something I talk about in job … Continue reading BACK TO SCHOOL


Hello beautiful people. I made this video last night with Dana Jill and Garry Potter. You're going to want to click that link... Go ahead... I'll wait. I hope you chuckled a bit. We had so much fun doing it that I definitely want to do it on a weekly basis. I am asking for … Continue reading WEEKLY ONESIE REVIEW

Let’s talk about Health baby…

Hello beautiful people. I want to talk about my health journey right now. If you're interested in some of my past healthy shenanigans, check out my Juice fast blog or my post on Keto. I'm not the most unhealthy person out there however I still am carrying around 60-80 lbs to much and there is … Continue reading Let’s talk about Health baby…