Where I was: Weight loss edition

I thought I'd do another post about why exactly I am motivated to get healthy. For those that haven't known me that long, I wanted to give you some background in regards to my struggle with weight and body image. So let's go back and take a look.  I'm going to be making fun of … Continue reading Where I was: Weight loss edition

What to do now….

I had an entire post written about what happened on tuesday and I deleted it.  It was my take on what we should do now in light of who we will have in the whitehouse as of January 20th.  I deleted it because I have nothing to say about any of it anymore.  I'm at … Continue reading What to do now….

Where is Hillman City?

I'm sitting here in a somewhat random part of Seattle that could be considered "dangerous" by some. I would be willing to agree with them, however I look at the danger of Hillman City in a different way. I know a couple of dangerous people in Hillman City and I will do my best to … Continue reading Where is Hillman City?